Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★

“Kong bows to no one”

Ok, everything with Kong and Godzilla was perfect. The action sequences were insane. This film has to win an Oscar for its sound editing and special effects, I’m stunned quite frankly. The movie was extremely fast paced throughout the entire the entire runtime, the film was almost 2 hours but it really didn’t feel that long at all. My main complaint and I think majority of people will agree, is the human characters. I just don’t care to put it simply. I did like the relationship between Kong and the little girl, but that’s the extent of my liking for the human characters. Every single scene with Millie Bobby Brown, Julian Dennison and Brian Tyree Henry was not interesting whatsoever, their characters felt so bland and boring to watch. I could’ve done without any of their scenes. The team up at the end was enviable but I still found it to be epic and it made sense. I was team King all the way going into the movie and I was team Kong going out of the movie. Kong really felt like the heart of the whole film.

Overall I throughly enjoyed the movie and I found everything to be AWESOME except the human characters.


“The island is the one thing that’s kept him isolated. If he leaves, Godzilla will come for him. There can’t be two alpha Titans. The whole theory of an ancient rivalry stems from Iwi mythology.”

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