kelpiez has written 3 reviews for films rated ★★★½ .

  • Apostle



    Something about this film is inherently scary and dark, but this success gets a bit lost among the gore and visual aesthetics. If you are satisfied with the sort of film that’s characterisation and narrative goes off track simply to explore the world of cinematography and interesting colour palettes then you will love Apostle. Genuinely, it was an enjoyable film. It looks stunning for the most part and it intrigued me with its mysterious, slightly Daniel Day Lewis as John Proctor-like…

  • Ophelia



    This film looks stunning. It is everything you would imagine the innermost workings of Shakespeare’s brain to look like when he wrote Hamlet, peacocks roaming corridors, sickeningly decadent and beautiful costumes and men sweating with the violence of revenge and poison in a throne room. However it does not stick to the cosmically famous and incredible source material. It does it’s own thing and if you can get past that, keeping in mind only the aesthetic of Hamlet and some…

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    It seems criminal to rate this film anything under 3/5 stars simply because of its incredible atmosphere and imagery, as well as stunning performances from Thewlis and Colette, but I won’t lie - I didn’t sit through the whole thing. This film is the first I have turned off before the ending in my adult life since “P” (2005) and not for the same reason. I am somewhat ashamed of this, as I absolutely loved the scene in the parents…