• Carnival of Souls

    Carnival of Souls


    It’s like a full length of The Seashell and the Clergyman (Dulac) and I love that.

  • Captain Marvel

    Captain Marvel

    I haven’t even seen this, I just wanted to say Cheese Larson

  • Marianne and Juliane

    Marianne and Juliane


    This film portrays sisterhood through the eyes of females and does not pander to the male gaze whatsoever. The women undressing are doing it for each other or for themselves, never for the beauty of what they are doing. Normality is presented as nothing more than itself here, which is an entirely refreshing break from the spectacle Holywood makes of it all. Looking back at the German past through the lens of two sisters fighting for women’s rights in strictly opposing…

  • 12 Years a Slave

    12 Years a Slave


    Not only is it cinematically brilliant, with beautifully shot scenes and wonderful and moving performances from both Chiwetel Ejiofor and the excellent Lupita Nyong’O, but it also does not shy away from the brutality and reality of white on black racism. 
    It mercilessly holds us accountable for our history and I am here for it. Lingering shots and unsettling diegetic sound turns this film into a stagnant, yet extremely powerful and dignified presentation of a man’s struggle against his fellow…

  • The Favourite

    The Favourite


    I really loved this film. Something about Rachel Weiss in it is just so powerful. Of course the whole main cast is incredible, but for me it is her character who carries the narrative. Queen Anne was manipulated mercilessly by her, but she was also a manipulator herself, just a less calculated one. Emma Stone’s (at first fairly relatable and ordinary) character, Abigail, brings the viewer into the extreme and decadent, yet sickly and troubled life of the bourgeoise royalty…

  • Repentance



    I watched this film three times in the space of a week and studied it meticulously for an essay, but this did not actually put me off at all. If anything, Repentance is one of those films I could rewatch countless times and still find new things about it to fall in love with again each time. 
    Abuladze’s surrealism is so crucial to film in years to come and draws subtly upon many of his predecessors such as Buñuel.

  • Apostle



    Something about this film is inherently scary and dark, but this success gets a bit lost among the gore and visual aesthetics. If you are satisfied with the sort of film that’s characterisation and narrative goes off track simply to explore the world of cinematography and interesting colour palettes then you will love Apostle. Genuinely, it was an enjoyable film. It looks stunning for the most part and it intrigued me with its mysterious, slightly Daniel Day Lewis as John Proctor-like…

  • Hold the Dark

    Hold the Dark


    There was something about this film that made me tense-up throughout, it was a subtle but persistent feeling of dread. A lot of people criticise it for its “lack of ending” and yes, to be blunt the ending was not climactic or particularly conclusive. The film’s climax comes about an hour in, in a particularly drawn-out and troubling scene in which a local guns down almost every policeman in the town. If you are after an ending you can turn…

  • Ophelia



    This film looks stunning. It is everything you would imagine the innermost workings of Shakespeare’s brain to look like when he wrote Hamlet, peacocks roaming corridors, sickeningly decadent and beautiful costumes and men sweating with the violence of revenge and poison in a throne room. However it does not stick to the cosmically famous and incredible source material. It does it’s own thing and if you can get past that, keeping in mind only the aesthetic of Hamlet and some…

  • Tenet



    I suppose it’s not unusual for Nolan to have a lot of exposition in his dialogue, for example the scripts of both inception and the prestige are (to my memory) highly centric in telling their intricate stories. However, those films get away with this story-telling tactic because there is more to them than just a complicated idea. Tenet falls short in the script because it has been overloaded and the main points become muddied. The story becomes unclear but Nolan…

  • Scary Movie 2

    Scary Movie 2


    Aside from the at times sexist and ableist messages and racial stereotyping projected in this movie, it is some of the best trash I’ve ever seen. Thanks Anna Faris.

  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    It seems criminal to rate this film anything under 3/5 stars simply because of its incredible atmosphere and imagery, as well as stunning performances from Thewlis and Colette, but I won’t lie - I didn’t sit through the whole thing. This film is the first I have turned off before the ending in my adult life since “P” (2005) and not for the same reason. I am somewhat ashamed of this, as I absolutely loved the scene in the parents…