Ophelia ★★★½

This film looks stunning. It is everything you would imagine the innermost workings of Shakespeare’s brain to look like when he wrote Hamlet, peacocks roaming corridors, sickeningly decadent and beautiful costumes and men sweating with the violence of revenge and poison in a throne room. However it does not stick to the cosmically famous and incredible source material. It does it’s own thing and if you can get past that, keeping in mind only the aesthetic of Hamlet and some of its main themes and characters, it’s really great in its own right. Daisy Ridley does a unique Ophelia and I love that her backstory has been reimagined. She is a character with so much depth that it would be a shame not to give her a stand-alone story in some form, and this is it for me. As both a Shakespeare lover and a film lover, I was at times as impressed as I was underwhelmed by this film. It achieves in many areas and falters in others, but at its core it is a brilliant homage to one of the lesser explored (in film anyway) characters in Hamlet.