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  • Blonde


    Misery porn. Totally irresponsible and pathetically myopic. Like we need another Hollywood film to remind us the exploitation of women persists, even when they're dead and gone. I knew I would hate this.

  • Triangle of Sadness

    Triangle of Sadness

    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    The film's bookended Zoolander-esque sequences are undercut with lukewarm and inactioned arguments about inequality (race, gender, class, ability...).

    The scene of fleeting awareness when Carl (the one who has) realizes he is single-handedly responsible for the worker's dismissal (the one who has not), slowly exposes his incompetency.

    Carl cannot survive outside the modeling world (not in a patriarchy), but within Abigail's makeshift matriarchy he lands in a place Yaya knows only too well. She has held such a position before.…