Thunder Force

Thunder Force ★★

"I'm buttering your knuckle."

Thunder Force is the 2999th film I've rated and/or reviewed on Letterboxd. I wanted to watch something light before my 3000th and what is lighter than a Melissa McCarthy/Ben Falcone Netflix vehicle? Well, not much.

I created a poll on the Letterboxd subreddit asking my fellow LB peeps what movie I should watch for my 3000th. I chose 6 films from the Top 250 on LB.

After over 500 votes, it was neck and neck but Persona edged out Grave of the Fireflies by 2 votes. I'm looking forward tonight to watching the Bergman film for the first time.

Thunder Force is an innocuous action comedy starring McCarthy and Spencer. Even in a bad movie, the two stars have good chemistry. I've read nothing but bad reviews of this flick, but I didn't hate it. Granted, I did give it a just on the bad side of the fence rating, 2 stars, but there are worse ways to spend about an hour and a half. I thought it was a nice, light, family flick, appropriate for a Friday night.

If you sit back and analyze this movie, the script, the direction, the dialogue....etc....etc....,,, then you will hate this movie, but occasionally I like to turn my brain off and enjoy the night.

Some notes I had while viewing (slight spoilers ahead):

--Thunder Force is a live-action version of Bojack Horseman

--If this movie was popular, we would see a shit-ton of Spongebob Mr. Krabs Jason Bateman The Crab.

--What a lost opportunity with Ben Falcone's character. They should have either killed him off once like a cameo, or kept killing him like Kenny in South Park. His name was Kenny! They killed him twice, but a few more times would have been a good running joke.

--The Laser villain character was awful. I didn't understand her powers at all and how she could get hurt or killed. Absolute waste.

--I was disappointed in the power and scope of the Miscreants. I thought they would be much more powerful. Laser seemed like she could be killed by, dare I say it, a bullet? The news stories prior to their experience on screen propped them up like Superman.

Alright, I think that's about enough for a 2 star film.

Persona is next.

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