Black Swan ★★★★★

this thing wasnt subtle at all- it threw the themes and symbolism right at your face. maybe i wouldve liked it a bit better if it focused more on the implication, and yea, maybe this film could use a little ambiguity.

that being said, i dont give a shit because this fucking RULES.

like fuck, it took me. uncomfortable as fuck in all the right ways. camerawork and everything makes you feel uneasy the whole time. i went into this with high expectations but also scared of disappointment, but i came out with nothing near that. stellar performances, too- natalie portman ofc but also whoever played her mom??? that shit was perfect what a seamless transition to kind and friendly to restrictive. what a great story of obsession akin to Whiplash, which is also one of my favorite films (i say ‘also’ because this will inevitably end up in my top 40 list if were being honest). i would say Whiplash ripped this off it the two films werent so different. i mean, this is so similar but also so different to Whiplash. similar, i mean, in terms of storyline and themes, but really different in a lot of ways. hoped u enjoyed this long tangent on my love for this film but yea. i loved this.

P.S. do NOT watch this with your dad. biggest mistake of my life !!