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  • Poltergeist III

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  • The Beyond

    The Beyond



    Has your immediate family been possessed or killed, because you were sent to a job in the vicinity of a portal straight to hell?

    Did you die, only to return as a bloodthirsty monster?

    Are you the undead pawn of a warlock who died over fifty years ago?

    Were the circumstances of your death not investigated because of your seemingly mundane vocation?

    Then vote for me in the coming town election, and I promise to make being a plumber in Louisiana safe again!

  • After Life

    After Life


    At first the bureaucratisation of death itself seems a vulgar, inhuman concept. In the hands of After Life however, it's an opportunity to present a series of intimate recollections from characters closer to reality than their ghostly fiction. Plus some ideas on portraying the inability to perfectly recall memory physically, and the medium of film amongst it all, you've got yourself another Kore-eda belter.

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  • Her



    When I'm rich and famous and inevitably bold, I'm going to send some emails to the hair and make-up team for this movie, and hopefully they can sort me out.

    Hell, maybe I'll hit up the costume people while I'm at it.

    Apart from that tall guy with the comb over, what was his name? Charles? Yeah I don't want that dude's hair... not before, or after, he shaved it all off.

  • Badlands



    It's kinda like if Leave No Trace went back in time to make a movie with The Reflecting Skin and Rambo gave them the money to do it.

    But...17 years before The Reflecting Skin came out, and 9 years before Rambo.

    I don't know, I said kinda. What do you want from me letterboxd?