The Viewing

The Viewing ★★★★

I have such a love/hate relationship with Panos Cosmatos, on one hand I think he's one of the most brilliant and innovative filmmakers working today, few filmmakers can hold a candle to his brilliant style and complete auteristic handle on his films. On the other hand ZZZZzzzzzzZZzzz......

Ok that's a bit of an oversimplification, to be honest his stuff tends to move a bit too slow for me and always feels like it needs an entire 20-30 minutes trimmed from it. Other than that I pretty much adore it.

The Viewing was an interesting experience because we get to see him attempt to pull off a story in half the time it usually takes him and it works! It's great seeing some restrictions put on him because it makes everything a bit tighter and move a bit smoother, sure it's mostly people talking in a room for an hour but hey he had to make it feel slow somehow right? That's his thing.

Anyway Panos my man, kudos to you for being one of the few dudes out there with STYLE, also putting together one of the most insane ensemble casts I've seen in TV history, what a treat!

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