Tommy Boy

Tommy Boy ★★★★★

We all have that movie that you can admit is kinda stupid, but still very close to your heart. For me, that’s Tommy Boy. It may be forgettable to some, but this is one of my favorite comedies, nay, favorite movies of all time. 

This film features the best on-screen chemistry EVER between Chris Farley and David Spade. This movie is so much more than just fat jokes and slapstick gags... although those are pretty funny too. It’s the energy that Farley brings to the table combined with Spade’s sarcasm and negativity that makes this such an enjoyable movie to watch. 

I’ve never met someone who didn’t like Tommy Boy. I’m not saying it’s a flawlessly-made movie in terms of technicalities and storytelling and stuff; it’s a low-budget 90’s SNL comedy; but it delivers exactly what it intended to. What makes me come back to it so often is the likable characters, the wildly funny one-liners, and the surprising amount of heart. I’d recommend Tommy Boy to anyone who wants a good laugh... or really just anyone anyway. 
God I miss Chris Farley.

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