Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox ★★★★½

Fantastic Mr. Fox is the ultimate feel-good movie. It’s just so warm and inviting! This is the kind of film that no matter how bad of a mood you’re in at the start, I guarantee you’ll leave it smiling. 

Everything about this movie is gorgeous. The art direction is so admirable. The stop-motion is really smooth, too. The cinematography is also incredible, considering this is just an animated kids movie. 

This film has countless quirky running gags that should get annoying, but they don’t. Stuff like replacing bad words with “cuss,” waving your arms whenever you say “special,” or that weird whistle-and-clicking-noise that Mr. Fox does feel like they should all grow old, but something about it all just seems so pleasant. 

The screenplay is honestly really good. The dialogue is almost always either really sweet or really funny. The voiceover work is another highlight. George Clooney has a particularly comforting voice. But in my opinion, the most underrated part of this movie is its soundtrack (And really the score, too). I have no idea how else to elaborate on that, besides saying the soundtrack is one of my favorites ever put together. Song after song is such a jam. And that final dance sequence? *Chef’s kiss* 

Fantastic Mr. Fox just oozes happiness and charm. This may be an unpopular opinion, but I think I’ve decided I like this even better than The Grand Budapest Hotel. I implore you to give this a watch if you’re ever feeling down, or if you simply haven’t seen it before. It’s such a great movie.

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