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  • Rumble Fish

    Rumble Fish


    Rumble Fish a movie that was lower on my watchlist, but I just felt like checking it out anyway. Overall, it was a pretty cool film that I’m glad I saw. 

    I went into this expecting something like The Outsiders, seeing as they share the same director, as well as the same original author. I’d say this one was as good, if not better. It was definitely more mature in parts, which mostly worked to the film’s advantage. 

    Right off…

  • The Cable Guy

    The Cable Guy


    I read somewhere that The Cable Guy just had its 25th anniversary, so I thought I might check it out. This was definitely one of the more surprising movies I’ve seen recently. 

    To get the simple stuff out of the way, this was one of Jim Carrey’s finest comedic performances that I’ve seen. He somehow manages to play the same character in every movie, while also making it completely fresh and unpredictable. Very few actors can put as much energy

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  • In The Heights

    In The Heights


    In The Heights was a movie I’d been looking forward to for a while now. The reviews have been saying it’s the first major Oscar-contender of the year, and while I wasn’t exactly blown away by it, I still agree with that statement. 

    Objectively, this movie was great. The direction, cinematography, production design, costumes, and especially the songs were all high-points. Simply put, the film looked and sounded excellent.

    While I did have a couple issues with the script, I…

  • Those Who Wish Me Dead

    Those Who Wish Me Dead


    I’ve been pretty busy recently between final exams at school and the end-of-the-year parties that follow, but I wanted to make sure I caught Those Who Wish Me Dead while I still had access to it on HBO Max. Even though it wasn’t anything too special, I’m still glad I got to it in time. 

    This was a perfectly watchable movie. I can’t think of any major, glaring flaws it had, besides just being really generic. I went in with the…