The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad ★★★★★

Now THAT'S how you make a superhero movie. Take notes Disney. If you know me, you know I hate the MCU and most superhero movies. As an avid comic book reader and life long geek, it pains me every time a new Marvel or DC movie comes out because on screen adaptions always butcher classic comic book characters and stories. There's absolutely no respect for the source material. By no means am I a fan of James Gunn because he did The Guardians of the Galaxy so dirty and for that I'll never forgive him but he has earned some of my respect for this masterpiece. FINALLY a superhero movie that actually gets the feel of a comic book right. Attaboy James. Bravo. You finally got one right. The comic accurate costumes are so refreshing to see. I'm beyond tired of the ugly, drab, bland costumes of all the recent MCU and DCEU films. I know they're going for a more realistic look but there's nothing wrong with colorful characters and costumes. I actually prefer it.

The Suicide Squad is bloody fun. Literally and figuratively. I was engaged from start to finish (although I did take a break halfway through to go eat spaghetti at memaws).

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