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  • Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Knives Out
  • Bullet Train
  • Wreck-It Ralph

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  • Bullet Train


  • The Wolf of Wall Street


  • Shutter Island


  • Uncharted


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  • The Wolf of Wall Street

    The Wolf of Wall Street


    When Jonah Hill started to choke I was really hoping he was gonna die. When they were all in the yacht I was really hoping they were ALL going to die. I was disappointed they all survived.
    That basically sums up my thoughts on this.

    Just really not for me. I don’t have the tolerance for movies that shove their R-rating down your throat every two seconds, especially when this movie could have been a half hour shorter if the first act was without it.

  • Uncharted



    I knew rewatching this would make my rating go either up or down. It’s down, definitely down.

    Action? Good. Dialogue/writing? Yikes.

    Also, the double flashback opening scene was just shitty pacing all around. Skip the first one and just go right to them as kids. Movie immediately starts better/cleaner. 

    Would I watch another one of these though? Yeah, probably. But I hope they get new/better writers.

Popular reviews

  • Blue Beetle

    Blue Beetle


    James Gunn please don’t abandon this very likeable cast. Give us Nana’s back story. 

    A great superhero origin story. Lots of heart, family, humour, action, music. Solid film.

  • Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania

    Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania


    I understand people disliking this because of how much it differs from the style of the first two…. But to me that’s not a bad thing. 

    This is the most Marvel one of these movies has felt to me since Endgame (edit: and Shang-Chi). Thor 4 and Doctor Strange 2 both made big promises that ultimately fell flat, so I’m happy to see Quantumania live up to the big stakes it promised. 

    My only one major issue is that ending. This…