• Blue Ruin

    Blue Ruin


    "I know this is personal and that's how you'll fail. No speeches. You point the gun, you shoot."

    An absolute thriller - One brief moment of peace before the movie spirals into a gut-twisting tension for the rest of the 90 minutes. Genuinely gripping, kept finding myself muttering warnings and fears almost constantly. I also found myself muttering about how beautiful that Circuit Judge was - am I buying one right now?


    Blue Ruin is an unsexy, brutal, and…

  • Something in the Dirt

    Something in the Dirt


    "Is it possible this is extremely dangerous and we just overlooked that part?"

    I sure do love these dudes. Nobody makes engaging, weird, low-budget swings like Benson/Moorhead.

    Something in the Dirt is no exception. This is the supernatural conspiracy thriller of a generation of terminally online theorists and armchair detectives. Blurred influences and intentions all throughout, a rabbithole as deep as you want to dig.

    The Fauxcumentary style is a big change from their previous narrative works, and while it…

  • Beautiful Boy

    Beautiful Boy

    "Do you know how much I love you?"

    Strange how all parents seemingly develop that particular refrain in a vacuum. Less of a question to be answered and more of a inquiry to yourself: How did this thing, this one-time blueberry-sized spot in my wife's body, how did this become a child who has the power to destroy my heart?


    Groeningen's first English film sets a high standard for biopics. Flashbacks saturated and rose-tinted, captured full of nostalgia with…

  • Mamma Mia!

    Mamma Mia!


    The singular horniest film ever committed to screen. Planning my next anniversary for a sexy Greek island right now.

    Meryl Streep? You kidding me?! Pour some ice water on me, PLEASE.

    Cannot imagine this sober. The ultimate party musical. Too fun for it's own good, everyone had a good time making this.

  • The Worst Person in the World

    The Worst Person in the World

    "When I'm gone, my memories of you will be lost"

    Our fears and realities bundle together into quaint contradictions, sometimes.

    Feeling forgotten / wishing a person could forget you
    Becoming a better person / becoming a worse one
    Wanting something new / wishing that nothing would ever change
    The panic of overthinking / the realization we didn't think at all

    To me, films like this always seem like a mirror. Our own lives and messiness put to a new face,…

  • Thrilling Bloody Sword

    Thrilling Bloody Sword


    If Buddha's Palm killed and ate Son of The White Mare, the monstrosity you'd be left with is Thrilling Bloody Sword. A whirlwind of kung-fu fantasy with a distinct storybook feel.

    So weird that I feel like I'm gaslighting myself into the belief that I wasn't sober last night watching it as the only possibly explanation for that 90-minute long fugue state. All in all, a delightful and magical experience, the type of movie that only gets made when the…

  • True Grit

    True Grit


    "You must pay for everything in this world, one way or another."

    In a frontier town where you can't right tell if the railroad tracks end or begin, a young girl makes a bargain with a devil. He's not capital tee and dee The Devil, but he surely occupies some manner of devilry. A dismal past fighting for the wrong side or himself. A selfish brute whose last known act is to lead that same young girl, black-mare mounted, to…

  • Fargo



    Coen Watch, Twenty Twenty-Two

    Within the Eden of any given Coen Brothers film, there is always an original sin. Overwhelmingly sure of myself and with no alternate theories: I'm going to go out on a limb and say that sin is most definitely GREED.


    Avarice as The Big City* collides headfirst with a contended small-town living that only ends up ending lives and marring minds.

    For some reason I found myself trying to convince some part of my brain…

  • Punch-Drunk Love

    Punch-Drunk Love


    An incredible start to Second Chances, 2022


    "I don't know if there is anything wrong, because I don't know how other people are"

    Wow. Consider me a P-Tandy fan at this point.

    Punch Drunk Love commands such a deep control of visual intentionally and screenplay depth that it reaches a filmic zenith I don't think I've seen for quite some time. Even if that styling is only skin-deep, the fact that it so readily begs for a rewatch (and…

  • Wet Hot American Summer

    Wet Hot American Summer


    Did not know this was going to lean hard into absurdity. Felt my brain desperately beating balled fists against my skull trying to make sense of motivations and acting for approximately 32 minutes, before fitfully passing out in a bloodied heap and finally realizing the full scope of unreality this movie existed in.

    Does that harm the viewing a little? Yeah sure, but also it makes the "going-to-town" montage one of the best things I've ever seen.

    Perfectly eschews the…

  • The Howling

    The Howling


    This is some grade-A T-rash the likes of which we don't see anymore. In every sense, they don't make movies like this anymore. Nostalgia blooms with every low-light scene shot on the cheapest film possible. Grotesque werewolves and tons of sleeze.

    Does the movie linger a bit much on their (admittedly very badass) transformations? Sure. But that doesn't detract from what feels like a more supernatural homage to The Wicker Man.

    A truly fun, weird horror flick.

    Added to 𝚁𝚘𝚞𝚕𝚎𝚝𝚝𝚎 . Suggestion by emily

  • Tuileries


    Definitely a Coen Brothers short. Absurd, escalating, and easily resolved if either party would talk for any amount of time. Love it.

    Although personally, I find it impossible to be intimidated by the French.

    Coen Watch, Twenty Twenty-Two