Sick ★★★½

Through most of the movie I was thinking the whole Covid backdrop was just a gimmicky waste, but it all ties in at the end and overall I liked Sick. It’s a pretty basic stalk and slash movie, but that’s all it ever needed to be and succeeded. When the big reveal happens, it’s hard not to be on the antagonist side when everything is explained. 

Though It feels really early to be satirizing Covid as we’re still not entirely done with it, they do a real good job at capturing the early times of the pandemic in that grocery store. I remember people coughing in lines at the store and thinking I need to get out of here fast. Though I was never as thorough as to wipe down the products I bought when I got home.

The characters don’t have the personality or charisma of a Kevin Williamson movie character from the 90s, but they were fine for the most part. Saving grace is that I didn’t hate any of their personalities or lack there of. The main girl reminded me of Michelle Rodriguez attitude wise in the beginning.

I dug the chase scenes. It has a good amount of gore. The camera work did feel like vintage Scream. It didn’t feel meta or have that too smart for horror movie dialog. Characters did dumb shit, but they also made a couple of sensible decisions. It has a short and sweet runtime. As basic as it was, I liked it.

Couple of side notes: 

1. How does one know what chloroform smells like????

2. If they were really playing a Fauci drinking game while watching CNN in 2020, they would have been super drunk easy pickins’ for the killer.

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