The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier ★★★★★

Episode 1 -
A slow but good start. It’s a great way to show how Sam and Bucky are dealing with the events of endgame in a hero life and normal life. Good to see rhodey and learn more about Sam. Can’t wait to see what comes next

Episode 2 -
Really picks up the story quickly in this episode. Getting to see Sam and Bucky’s reunion in a playful way was really good. Even more references in this and feel there is lots more to come 

Episode 3 -
I loved this episode. Seeing zemo in full swing was awesome. I got chills when he put the og mask on. Some many more references in the episodes and then ending has given a lot more expectations for further of this show.

Episode 4 -
I absolutely loved this episode so much right from start to finish. When we returned to wakanda and learnt more about buckys past I got so hyped because Bucky had always been a personal favourite of mine. The action scene with the Dormalji’e was incredible (I enjoyed John was liked getting his ass whooped 😂). I’m so excited for the last 2 episodes and I can’t wait to see how Sam and bucky deal with John after the brutal ending

Episode 5 -
The start of this episode was amazing because it really shows why John walker doesn’t deserve the shield. It shows the differences between John and Steve in a great way and I loved it and the fight scene was just incredible. This show had exceeded my expectations and we haven’t even finished the storyline yet. Sams training montage at the end of the episode was what made this episode my favorite so far because it shows that you don’t need the serum to be captain America

Episode 6 -
I got everything I wanted from this show. From Sam and Bucky’s playful banter to zemo suiting up and then the travels of Sam’s comic accurate cap suit was incredible. I loved this and felt it had a closure for the characters and the story

Overall - 
I really enjoyed this series and had so much fun watching each episode. The actors/actresses did an amazing job and I can’t wait to see what happens next

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