Zama ★★★★★

My fave of the year so far. Love the way Martel handles textures and depth, reminds me of Ozu in the way objects (and people) are placed throughout scenes. The sound and costume design REALLY had me going. Also, the choices in focus and blocking were really fascinating-especially the boy's monologue about Zama, and Zama with the alpaca behind him. Also, Martel films the horses like they're all giant.

Lots to chew on and think about in this one. 

I feel like I get others' complaints that it kind of goes off the rails in the second half, feeling a bit too scattered and disjointed, losing the thread--but even still, there is so much THERE, even if it doesn't hang together. 

This makes me very curious about the novel, and daring to see Martel's other films, at long last.