The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

One of the most raw, primal and viscerally brutal films I have ever seen. Eggers directs the absolute shit out of this movie. Meticulously crafted and detailed to transport you back to the Viking era, but also feel every swing of a sword and every guttural yell. The movie is as beautiful looking as it is brutal backed by an epic score that matches its brutality. Some of my favorite shots include a pre pillage war hype in front of a fire and a Valkyrie taking a hero to Valhalla. The cast of course is outstanding. Alexander Skarsgard is imposing that he stands toe to toe with the Mountain from Game of Thrones. Nicole Kidman gets one big scene and nails every second of it. Of course there is also Anya Taylor Joy who is also good.

To say this movie is mainstream is slightly misleading. It's definitely more accessible than Eggers' previous 2 movies, but it still retains his weirdness and arthouse flair. There is a sequence involving a coming of age ritual that also includes farting if that tells you how weird it is at times. Nonetheless The Northman is a giant, epic, Viking spectacle worthy of the legend its based on. It also continues to prove that Eggers is one of the best directors working today

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