• The Thing

    The Thing


    Damn this film just blows me away every single time I rewatch it, the isolation mixed with the atmosphere that Carpenter builds makes for one of the greatest sci fi horror films ever made, right up there with Alien. Rewatching all my favourite movies on 4K is one hell of an experience, I didn’t think these films could look any more insane but boy was I wrong. The Thing will always have the most intricate, insane practical effects I’ve ever…

  • Alien



    Still the single greatest movie I’ve ever seen which looks even more gorgeous in 4K which I didn’t think was possible, Alien is perfect in every single sense of the word and I will never tire of constantly rewatching it.

  • The Prestige

    The Prestige


    I recently showed this film to my partner and she absolutely loved it, absolute win. this has turned into one of my favorite comfort movies and is so impeccable from beginning to end.
    Perfect film.

  • Tenet



    Incrdible set pieces, insane choreography and overall a pretty bloated story that only decides to get even more complex the deeper you get which didnt manage to hook me once which is unfortunate because everything else is stellar. especially the performances, its a shame I failed to connect with this movie the way I have done with his other movies.

  • Assault on Precinct 13

    Assault on Precinct 13


    Classic carpenter, the moment the soundtrack begins you know you’re in for one hell of a film, easily the best siege movie ever. So many memorable moments and way too many straight up iconic scenes to count but this film has attempted to be replied multiple times even by carpenter himself later on in Ghost of Mars but nothing will ever stop this film being as awesome as it is. Which ultimately put Carpenter on the map, and took him on the path of becoming one of the most iconic American directors ever.

  • Ghosts of Mars

    Ghosts of Mars


    The absolute badass score makes up for a lot of this film’s shortcomings and it all plays out like a cheesy 80s b movie in the best way possible. 

    This film is no where near as bad as people say and I think it’s deliberately cheesy and convoluted in order to pay homage to those exact movies from the 80s, it isn’t incredible or anything just way more entertaining than people give it credit for.

  • Vampires



    An extremely underrated film from the master himself Carpenter that feels as much of a western as it does a vampire movie, which makes for some absolutely beautiful cinematography as well as some excellent music that makes it feel like a carpenter movie. The opening sequence alone is so iconic and memorable, James Woods has so many bad ass one liners and some genuinely hilarious ones, I know this film isn’t for everyone and I yes Sheryl Lee is massively…

  • Into the Inferno

    Into the Inferno


    That one dude who slept in when his entire town had evacuated due to an erupting volcano was genuinely intriguing, i want a documentary solely based around this man, that’s just maximum levels of not giving a single shit. Other than that the documentary is good but also kinda loses its identity during the runtime and begins to focus on the wrong things, genuinely thought I accidentally put on a North Korean documentary halfway through, some incredible visuals, especially the opening sequence.

  • The Killer

    The Killer


    Wow. The best unofficial Hitman movie ever made, from the details of him distracting people via metallic objects to him thoroughly planning out each target, this has got to be a result of Fincher straight up bashing the Hitman trilogy, it’s fingerprints are all over it and I’m all for it because I absolutely ate this up, an absolute gorgeous film that manages to somehow be the best video game film ever made even though it’s technically not one, another great film from Fincher and one hell of a performance by Fassbender. 

  • Mulholland Drive

    Mulholland Drive


    The 4K version of this absolute masterpiece is just insane, I have literally just had the best experience with this film, it’s perfect from start to finish and every time I go back to it, I only appreciate and love it that much more. Lynch, you genius. 

  • Interstellar



    Visually this movie is as perfect as you can get it, it’s downright one of the best looking films I’ve ever seen, rewatching it on 4K is just insane. Nolan always makes the most incredible looking films with the most intriguing concepts and Interstellar is nothing short of an experience that is completely worth every second. Accompanied by one of the most meaningful and compelling scores I’ve heard in a while, by Hans Zimmer after rewatching True Romance recently and…

  • True Romance

    True Romance


    I absolutely love this film and every time I rewatch it, it instantly becomes one of my absolute favourite movies, from the outstanding performances from Slater, Arquette, Walken, theres to many to count all the way to the absolute immaculate screenplay by Quentin, I love True Romance and that love will only deepen each time I view it and I will never not play the main theme from this film titled “You’re so cool”, call me crazy but it’s probably my favourite Hans zimmer score.