Scream ★★★★

Second viewing tonight & guess what 'It's a Scream, Baby!'| So first time ever or in a long time for viewing a new film back to back ! So I think this is a really fun new take on scream it’s a blast it’s very faster paced but it’s lacks somewhat for me. I feel like since it’s a new era they gotta keep up with the different gens but also plz the older ones obviously!! It’s neat how they take it up a notch for the new viewers and new fans coming into the franchise but it’s us !! US DIE HARD FANS THE OGS the original babies the fandom of all fans !! I feel like bc I have such a strong nostalgic feeling it’s hard to get down with all this new generation BS 😂 like listen I’m not that old which would surprise most ppl but my soul is and it doesn’t like all this new cringy bs 🤷🏻‍♀️ although I’m still and will always be a huge scream fan but not my favourite in the franchise!! I’m happy our Mrs final girl Sidney Prescott is still a bad bitch !! ( BAM! Syd! Superbitch! ) 💛 strong female super survivor energy was when Sidney ends the call 📱 like bye ✌🏼 bitch ! I survived this 4x over now 5x I got this 💪🏻 I’m very much opened to a 6th film & very curious how’d it go 🤔

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