Steven Universe: The Movie

Steven Universe: The Movie ★★½

This is a pretty excellent piece of Steven Universe content, but if i'm being fully honest I don't think it was a very good film. It's more a fault of the hype machine than anything because I was led to believe that this would hold it's own as a film as opposed to being essentially a long episode which ultimately caused some disappointment.

Specifically what i'm referring to is the fact that no characters in this have a new arc, it's all just reruns of themes we've seen delivered before but in a shorter time-span with less care put into them. Steven's story here literally concludes with him realising that he's had character development in the show and that's about it. All of this is fine in the context of a fun romp TV movie but ultimately isn't satisfying when i'd been hyped up to see a fresh new chapter of a story i'm invested in.