Moonlight ★★★★½

When this film finished, I just sort of had to stay in my seat in silence for 5 minutes just to take it all in/calm down/stop ugly crying. The ending was so powerful, but nothing has ever made me feel more than the end of the 2nd act; the only way I can describe it is that I had to fend off screaming through the tears.

A big shoutout to Cineworld for letting me see this in an "advanced" screening for two reasons: one because a big fuckity-fuck-fuck-you goes to whoever in the UK decided this shouldn't be wide released until the end of February, and two because I feel like the artistic beauty and deep themes of this film will be lost on a lot of casual movie-goers I'm used to sharing theatres with. Seriously, if I went to see this on the first Saturday night this was released in late February in my local area, I'd expect to see some walkouts and hear some "what the fuck, this is what this film is about?" and that makes me so sad. Wake up, world. People are people. Just let them be people.

Also, personal shoutout to Naomie Harris for killing this role. You're making all of us at your old college proud. The display of you in our alumni hallway needs to be updated.

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