Bullet Train

Bullet Train ★★★★

Such a great adaptation. As what feels like the only person in the world who has read Bullet Train, I really enjoyed my time letting everyone know in advance that a pivotal part of this story is understanding the characters of Thomas the Tank Engine. Relieved it made it into the film so I didn’t look like the most random fucking liar on the planet.

I really loved the book but would genuinely call this an adaptation that’s on par; it was great to read but this kind of genre just needs to be visualised. The only part that felt a bit too dragged out was the ending, which funnily enough is the only part not directly lifted from the book. Who would’ve thought that the ending written by the author would work better with the pacing of the story he crafted from scratch? Still super fun new bits of the story added, though.

Some really great cameos too, though they did fall into my realm of “I don’t know if I should like this because the scene meaning anything at all relies on the audience recognising this famous actor”. Aaron Taylor-Johnson MVP, Joey King practiced her accent for 3 hours a day and yet no one told her that’s not how you say “roof”, please see this interesting and unique film in cinemas.

The pen is probably mightier but also what a great way to bring it to life.

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