Shame ★★★★

Fassbender's performance is what makes this film.

Well, Fassbender's performance is usually what makes any film, but he really is at his best here. I can't imagine many other people that could have undertaken a role so gritty, so layered as this and pulled it off like he did. He is absolutely superb.

Carey Mulligan as well. More and more she is proving her ability to slip into any character and play them to perfection. Although perhaps not as versatile as Fassbender, they work well together and certainly compliment each other here.

Shame is pretty damn good. A tricky subject to tackle, yet it doesn't shy away from the grizzly details. It's interesting to see an angle where someone isn't just promiscuous, but actually NEEDS sex - where they live and breathe it everyday, have it consume their every thought, and have no choice in the matter.

But more importantly, Shame shows us the transformation of one of these people.

The cinematography is brilliant here. If anyone can tell a story just through camera angles, it's these guys. The whole film is incredible visually.

If you enjoy films with a slightly more 'off the high street' subject matter, then you'll love Shame. But despite how 'in your face' most of it is, somehow by the end it still feels like it's been dealt with subtly.

Definitely one of 2011's best.