The Guilty

The Guilty ★★★

The nightCALLer”

I really loved the original Danish version, and honestly, I watched this remake just for Jake.

The story had some few small changes and the ending gave me the closure I needed, but overall, it’s far away from the original “The Guilty”. Sadly, I didn’t feel much tension unlike my experience in the original.

Indeed, Jake delivers a superb performance, tho at times, I feel like his acting (especially when he’s mad) seems pretty overdone or exaggerated and he doesn’t seem like he’s a man who cares. I don’t know, maybe it’s just me. 

It’s still good. You can give it a try, but if you haven’t seen the original version I suggest you watch it first. If you want to watch a similar film like this, watch The Call as well.

PS: Can’t believe that this was made in 11 days. Just wow!

“Was it snakes?” 🥺
”Broken people saves broken people” 🥺

These part made me teary eyed tho.

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