Cinderella ★★½

“I found a love ….. “
“I found a boy …..”


First, can I just say that I really don’t like Nicholas Galitzine as the Prince. Sorry. He’s making me cringe more than Camila. But to be fair, Camila’s acting was pretty impressive, but as Cinderella? I’m still not convinced. 

Second, incorporating the modern songs didn’t worked for me. Oh gosh, I cringed a lot except the “Am I Wrong” part, it honestly gave me goosebumps. The camera work on that part was fun. It was surprisingly good but that’s it.

Third, I love the message of women empowerment here but I felt like the story was kinda messed up for me at some point, idk.

Lastly, can they just stop making Cinderella movies please ….. unless the prince is Sam Palladio then I might give it another try. 😅

Overall, it’s cringeworthy but it’s not the worst. Not a fan but I hope Camila will get a nice role that will help her improve her acting, if she’ll continue to be an actress. There’s really a potential in her.

PS: I just wondered…. which is the cringiest, this one or He’s All That

That’s all! Bye! Gotta watch Money Heist Season 5 now! 🥳

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