Pig ★★★★½

PIG! What a movie. Had it sold to me as “John Wick but it’s Nick Cage trying to track down his stolen truffle pig.” So I assumed he was an assassin! He’s not! His deal is really interesting!

Similar to John Wick in its worldbuilding for sure, and the stoic, single-minded determination of its hero, but I found it way more uplifting. For a dead wife story, it’s really optimistic about life and people being able to change! Grief weighs us down! Eventually we have to let go to find any kind of peace. I like that, as a moral. The dead wife isn’t just an excuse for revenge murder, it’s a moment that fundamentally changed a man who loved very deeply. His final “revenge” scene is hauntingly beautiful and healing.

Gorgeous cinematography. An iconic, unreal monologue from Cage I’ll never forget. Incredibly nuanced characters. I only took off half a star because his face was so hard to look at!!!


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