The Social Network

The Social Network ★★★★★

my first film of 2019! its crazy to think its been almost 10 years since the social network, but again, not. i grew up with this film. i knew about it from its release. my parents owned a torrented dvd version of it when it first came out and my dad was obsessed with it. in my first viewing, i was naive to just how good it was. i didnt find any flaws within the film, but i was just indifferent towards it. now i can say that THE SOCIAL NETWORK is one of the best films of the century, so far, and a modern classic that will stand the test of time. its hard hitting, its intense, its funny, its dramatic, it’s everything you’d want from a movie. people born in the 2030s and onwards will watch this film, i can feel it. however, my favorite thing about the film is something they wouldn’t understand. it’s the atmosphere. this only really applies to me, i think, because im endlessly nostalgic, but the film nailed the feeling of the 2000s perfectly. the settings, colors, even down to the clothes, felt like i was with my dad and his friends in the 2000s. i love that. i love this story. i love this movie. i can’t imagine living life without having seen the social network, it blows the godfather out of the water (i have not seen the godfather but i will testify that the social network is better)

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