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  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw

    Spiral: From the Book of Saw


    What a bizarre movie. It goes way too quickly, the characters are super over the top and cartoonish, and the plot twist is the most predictable thing ever. Chris Rock is either yelling at the top of his lungs or mumbling so quietly that you have no idea what the fuck he's saying. Samuel L Jackson is barely in it and was probably only used for marketing.

    If Army of the Dead didn't exist, this would probably be the stupidest movie I've seen in a while. At the very least it wasn't as boring as that movie.

  • Watchmen



    What a series.

    The finale is a bit underwhelming, but holy shit I didn't think a continuation of such an amazing groundbreaking novel like Watchmen could be this good. Especially episodes 5,6, and 8...just perfect.

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  • Justice League

    Justice League


    Masterpiece. I cry everytime I watch it. This masterful arthouse film deserves more recognition than anything Nolan, Tarantino, Fincher, Coppola, Villeneuve, and especially that hack Scorsese have made.

    The acting, WOWZERS, the acting! Everyone in this movie gives an incredible performance that many actors will use as inspiration in the future. When Wonder Woman says, "Kal-el no!" I become blown away by Gal Gadot's masterful line delivery, as she is an amazing actress. Casey Affleck also shows an incredible range…

  • Nobody



    First movie I saw in a theater in over a year, and it was damn good one.

    Not high art, but some amazing action and setpieces, also Bob Odenkirk is great. Didn't expect it to have a lot of hilarious dark comedy either.

    After Hardcore Henry and this, Ilya Naishuller is proving to be one of the best action directors right now.