Knives Out

Knives Out ★★★

Knives Out is an enjoyable but deeply flawed film. Enjoyable mainly, because of the top-notch character writing and superb performances. With a cast as star-studded as this you would becexpect that, but even I was surprised at how funny this was, nearly every interaction these characters have with one another is pure gold.

Structurally, however, this film is a mess, and most of my issues stem from here. Initially setting itself up to be a whodunnit narrative, before quickly shifting into a "we know whodunnit, but will they get away with it" narrative, then by the end turning back into a whodunnit narrative, but this time someone else had actually dunnit, and explanation they give is so convoluted. While it certainly kept things "interesting", the over-complexity of the plot really hurts the film as a whole and makes it feel less cohesive.

Again, I did enjoy this film and I would recommend it, I just would've appreciated a more focused and coherent mystery story, rather than one more concerned with confusing the hell out of its audience.

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