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My friends call me DP.

"And those who were seen dancing were considered insane by those who could not hear the music"

Let's tango, yo!

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  • The Shining
  • Blue Velvet
  • Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
  • Apocalypse Now

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  • Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God


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  • A Trip to the Moon

    A Trip to the Moon


    Film School Drop Outs Challenge 2017 Week 1 - Auteurs - Pioneers of Film - Lumiere Brothers , George Melies or Alice Guy-Blache

    Everything I love about cinema started right there in the 1890s. The Lumière Brothers started a long tradition of realism, capturing life on camera and providing a snapshot of different times, people and places. In extension of this, Alice Guy-Blache utilised this new mass media to reach out and engage broad audiences in social commentary and make…

  • Land of the Dead

    Land of the Dead


    Hooptober 4.0 - 2017 - Film #30

    Stalin, Eisenstein and Romero are seated in a drawing room on plush leather armchairs. They are enjoying cognac around the hearth of an open fire. They make small talk about the hoof and mouth disease epidemic in California, the Olympics in Paris and how absurd and profound Dada truly is.

    Stalin narrows the conversation down to business, "Mr. Romero, I am very pleased to have you join our film program. It is my…

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  • Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God

    Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God


    This is interesting for a number of reasons:

    1. Initially, did Mother God get such an dopamine high from all the likes and comments that she became a social media junkie?

    2. Did she lean into all the new age and socialist info she had been immersing herself on the internet to gain further attention and feed her addiction?

    3. Did she end up finding herself either a) completely trapped or b) blissfully content with the construct she had created?…

  • Napoleon



    It makes me wonder how awesome Kubrick's Napoleon would have been. Admittedly, something would have had to elevate it above Barry Lyndon, although I have come to appreciate that film more as I get older.

    As for Mr. Ridley's version... it is not an entirely bad film. But it is riddled with so many ellipses! It starts to resemble the bullet holes that must have punctured the wall behind the Spanish Resistance Fighters being executed by Napoleon's soldiers in Goya's…

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