Ocean's Eight

Ocean's Eight ★★★½

All us lesbians showed the fuck up for this movie and they couldn't have made ONE of these women canonically gay???? Sure Debbie and Lou totally were and still (it's complicated) lovers but I want some canon wlw up in here!!!! EIGHT women, eight CONWOMEN, and not ONE lesbian!

On a serious note: I liked this far more than Ghostbusters, and I'm all for shaking up an old thing dominated by men with an all-female cast, but I'd like to see more women behind the scenes too. Gary Ross did a good job but I still want to see women directing more movies like these (and in general). I will say there was a woman (Olivia Milch) who co-wrote the screenplay with Ross, and there were some other women in big roles in the crew but Hollywood can still do better! I also think more non-serial films and films or franchises that aren't reboots with all female casts should be in demand as well.