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seventy six year old Udo Kier as the “Liberace of Sandusky”, dancing to Robyn in a gay bar, is the hero we need in 2021

What is there left to say about this film... Daniel Day-Lewis and his portrayal of Daniel Plainview is in my honest opinion the best acting I have ever seen in my life. There is nothing that comes close to it. Every scene, every conversation with Daniel Plainview is utterly captivating. You can't help but to keep staring into those mad, raging eyes. The cinematography of this film is so unfathomably beautiful that words cannot describe it properly. I can't help…

A Love Song

A Love Song


The antidote to the last movie I watched, which was Blonde. A Love Song is a simple, sweet, quiet and warm little film, so pleasant and easy to watch. Spearheaded by the perfectly lovely and underrated Dale Dickey, who is so authentic and glorious, probably one of my favourite actresses ever I reckon, love her in everything and it’s nice to see her taking the lead here and doing so well. More lead roles for her please and thank you.

I feel warm inside after this. Made me feel nice. Beautifully filmed also, would’ve loved to have seen it on the big screen.


This goes places that I've never seen in a film before and they couldn't help but leave a pit in my stomach.
Hearing Alex G play over shaky shots of KFC parking lots and abandoned ToysRus storefronts is my kind of way to set the mood. His whole score was phenomenal.
I went into this expecting a scare and came out with something very different. It's a clunky mess trying to find it's footing. Performances falter and scenes almost…

A family road trip movie in which we never quite know where the film is heading (and are often lied to about why), “Hit the Road” may be set amid the winding desert highways and gorgeous emerald valleys of northwestern Iran, but Panah Panahi’s miraculous debut is fueled by the growing suspicion that its characters have taken a major detour away from our mortal coil at some point along the way. “Where are we?” the gray-haired mom (Pantea Panahiha) asks…

"Picture a dream and dare to live in it."

A film that wears its low budget on its sleeve, but compensates for it with striking imagery and earnest performances. And the music is banging.




gorgeous, powerful, cathartic, romantic, enthralling, brilliant, otherworldly. a quiet and beautiful storm that rages on while the rest of the world will most likely have it’s eyes fixated on other films, not needing anyone’s attention or love or approval. the most profound superhero portrayed on film since donnie darko

why can’t i just be myself? why isn’t that possible?

you know that moment when you’re watching a film and then boom the credits start to roll and you can tell in that moment that you’ve just watched something that is going to stay with you for quite some time? yeah this film just did that for me i’m pretty astounded right now