Moonlight ★★★★★

It's in the tiredness around the eyes. Staring at the floor hoping it will open up so you can disappear. The desire to fit in and the need to get out. The tightness of the mouth fighting back the anger that wants to be heard. The need to understand someone who you want to be but can't. Seeing the failures of others who you can. The measure of our physicality that dictates a position amongst our peers. Welcoming loneliness when it is the only company that takes notice of you. The corruption of our bloodline that naturally bleeds through. Facing the failures of our loved ones that are too heavy to absorb. The madness of adolescence providing the loudest voice to the most frightened. Discovering the need to connect without expressing it. Embellished by dreams that remove the walls of our consciousness. Wanting to escape when the boundaries are so defined. The need to be close but the fear to admit it. Realising what love can be. And what it used to feel like. Tasting the pain when you feel you deserve it. Releasing it, when the barriers finally break. Those memories that haunt the darkest hours. The false shape of our virility. Simple vocal tones can pierce impenetrable armour. Wanting to rewind and start again. Needing to flee affection when it ventures too near. Music that sees through you. Allowing the waves to guide you toward where you're meant to be. The pressure of masculinity that we allow to cage us in. That moment of rest we all deserve to embrace.

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