Spencer ★★★★½

I was absolutely floored by this masterful film. From the opening frame, which encases a cacophony of piercingly surreal tones, I was fully involved and ready to experience the masterpiece that was crafted with the purest artistic intentions.
Starting with the flow and feel of the film, everything was coated in a resonant, fantastically dramatic glaze. It was like a very organic and home-style pastry frosted with a manufactured and sweet sort of icing. Everything about the execution was genuine and true, but that extra flavor to the viewing experience make it stand out far above most other products within any artistic industry right now.
The color correction, the framing, the visual momentum, and the innovation within every shot impressed me beyond belief. I was incredibly excited for Greenwood's score, as he has created multiple of my favorite pieces within the musical medium, and I came out with my expectations blown to bits. This is the best score I have heard in years, with both classical and jazz fusion sparks igniting and revealing vibrant tones throughout, aiding Larraín's beautiful direction in the result of one of the most emotional films so far this decade. Kristen Stewart is an actress I've been supporting since I was old enough to realize she had performed in films other than Twilight, and I've been pleased my multiple turns within her career, hoping that eventually people would start to understand that she is a talented actress. This is her best performance to date, and it is also one of the finest performances by an actress in the past five years. She seemed to be clutching onto the heart and soul of Diana while still representing a much more universal emotion. So many of the ideas in this film register as truly brilliant and creative, and I really hope that it gets recognized by every group of people and every popular circuit. Needless to say, this film could find its way even nearer to my heart.

Sidenote: When Sam and I saw this, there were two old ladies at the front of the auditorium watching this film who were hard of hearing and were essentially yelling to each other every time they commented on something. When Kristen Stewart said, "I wish to masturbate," one of the ladies couldn't hear her and had to get her friend to repeat twice for everybody in the back what Kristen said. Suffice it to say, it was quite humorous hearing these 80 year olds yelling about masturbation.


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