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  • My Own Landscapes
  • Chain
  • Semi-Auto Colours
  • Day Night Day Night

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  • Heaven Reaches Down to Earth


  • The Devil Wears Prada

  • Anthem


Recent reviews

  • Safe Space

    Safe Space

    Classic European art school fare - a Ballroom fancam with an AI voice that recites thoughts of queer black and non-white individuals . Treats both its visuals as well as the stories as conceptional which dehumanizes them, while the whole thing does not come together as anything substantial.

  • Heaven Reaches Down to Earth

    Heaven Reaches Down to Earth

    Loved this, an echo of Tongues Untied transplanted into landscapes, atmospheric in a short runtime, romantic

Popular reviews

  • God's Own Country

    God's Own Country


    The shot of Johnny laying his head on Gheorghe's shoulder while they ride the bus and 'The Days' by Patrick Wolfe kicks in, is the equal of someone giving you a 10 hour long, non-exhausting, inspiring speech of emotional support and motivation and a warm big hug.

  • When I Get Home

    When I Get Home

    brown liquor
    brown sugar
    brown face
    brown liquor
    brown sugar
    brown braids
    black skin
    black Benz
    black plays
    black molasses
    blackberry the masses

    black world black rules black house black dreams