Zodiac ★★★★½

i think he did it but i can not prove it
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After my 1st proper rewatch I gotta say it: great film and one of Fincher’s best. It has obvious similarities with his other work. It is more Mindhunter than Se7en in a sense. 

Robert Graysmith and Holden Ford are very similar characters sharing the naive youthful enthusiasm, which turns into an obsession, which in turn takes over their life and relationships. The time setting is more or less the same too. And so is obviously the object of the obsession.

But I think Zodiac is a notch up from Mindhunter. It has the perfect subtlety and attention to detail. It just feels intriguing while not seemingly doing much. Show don’t tell. It’s like the epitome of Fincher as director, if you had to explain him with one film, I think this would be the one. 

I didn’t remember how great Gyllenhaal was in this, I’d say he should’ve been Oscar nominated but then again that was an insane year for films and lead actors. Along with Kiss Kiss Bang Bang this is probably the best RDJ performance and Mark Ruffalo, Chloe Sevigny and especially John Carroll Lynch are also at their very best. Lots of nice little cameos too.

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