The Northman

The Northman ★★★½

After waiting almost forever for it, Robert Eggers finally arrives with a rip roaring, stomach churning, blood soaked frenzy of Viking hell in an explosively epic, gobsmackingly gargantuan revenge drama spanning decades. There are moments that are deranged beyond repair, myths that run deeper than the fires of Valhalla as Eggers vision, in a very startling turn, exhausts in equal measures as it stuns.

Neither the hulking brute of an Alexander Skarsgard, nor the bewitching shadows of sorcery or the chest thumping - mountain crumbling beats could save The Northman from its primordial nature of being a soulless carcass. With all due respect to the unhinged ambitions of mounting a force of such colossal scale, it is extremely unfortunate that the most anticipated of Robert Eggers' film turned out to be a chunk of ill-lit, overly choreographed spectacle for the sake of it, culminating in an emotionally numb and distant experience.

The Northman is easier respected than loved.

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