Spencer ★★★★½

There is a constant chatter about a ridiculous cold that has hung inside the palace, almost permeating every shred, every remnant of the manor. Time stands still, holding onto ghosts, even the ones which must slip away to maintain sanity. Rebellion handcuffed with traditions, wrestling to either burst out in a silent explosion or maybe implode inside with a loud shrieking cry. In parallel to them all - suffering and nerve wrecking suffocation .

Spencer is a thing of beauty floating in a pool of nightmares. Jonny Greenwood literally builds bricks of narrative with hypnotic dash of jazz pieces exuding grandiosity while being haunted by utter sadness. Directed with eccentric precision by Pablo Larrain, the film drifts away like a melancholy musing, hammering nails after nails into the psyche of its nearly smothered lead - a triumphant Kristen Stewart, on whose shoulder the burden lies heavy. How lonesome can popularity be, how immensely weak can powerful people get - Spencer is sheer poetry on reels!

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