RRR ★★★½

A symphony of controlled chaos, there is an addictive frenzy and maddening momentum that propels this tale of friendship set in colonial India. S. S. Rajamouli's signature charisma to create grand set pieces is on its prime flair as he knows exactly where to tap the vein to garner utmost effect. Mixed with decent cinematography and beautifully lit action sequences, RRR is a genuine love letter to the relationships we forge and to the art of film-making in itself.

It might sometimes borderline on being a spectacle just for the sake of being one, but scrape enough and there is an unwavering heart beating blind behind the mania. Despite my initial inhibitions, I was consumed by RRR - courtesy the exhilarating splash of colors, sound and unapologetic violence it throws - making it not just another film, but an experience to behold.

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