Blonde ★★

It's a sight to behold and travesty to look at - oh what sheer fiasco this ill-fated attempt at art becomes! What a strong-willed display of experimentation and what a sweepingly massive fall. Blonde - for all its lofty Lynchian ambitions and psychological carnage - is nothing but an empty shout into the void or might I say - a sumptuous looking debacle knee dipped in pretentiousness.

Andrew Dominik's much awaited biopic feels weirdly deranged and often incoherent, as if high on its own self, repetitious in the miseries it piles over Marilyn Munroe - so much so - that despite a breathtaking performance from Ana De Armas, it becomes a slog to sit through. Blonde numbs our senses and without a single ounce of empathy for its troubled icon, leaves us cold and desperately wanting for any sorts of emotional/spiritual connection with the tragedies unfolding onscreen.

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