The Godfather: Part III

The Godfather: Part III

I was thinking it was odd I hadn't seen part 3 given I'd seen the first two a few times, but oh yeah this was made 16 years later and there's a lot of... hmm

I dunno I have a hard time buying his crisis of conscience in the twilight hour. I mean, I know there's the whole "no atheists in foxholes" schtick and when people who believe in magical thinking get old they start worrying about how Sky Daddy's gonna judge them, but even though he's confessing to the priest, it does feel more like he's judging himself, but that was never his character so it's just really hard to buy it.
For as much as I disliked The Irishman because there's no character arc in a sociopath, at least it tracked. The entire premise of the Godfather is that he can't cheat destiny because he is his Father's son: it's in his blood, it's his nature, it's who he was born to become.
I mean I know he said he wanted to get out of the game a few times but he was ruthless as fuck right from that gun in the bathroom on through to his brother's death, calculatedly plotting murder as Murder in the First Degree as it fucking gets... I mean damn what he did to his brother, 'forgiving' him publicly and letting him hang out with his son and then just heartlessly axing him like JFC dude you're evil. So it's really hard to buy that - what in his 40s and 50s he was - I mean what are we supposed to believe that he was still growing? And then when he's in his 60s/70s he all of a sudden realizes that it's wrong to murder people like you're some vengeful god? That would be like if Trump conceded gracefully and said, "I'm so sorry for all the pain I caused, I've done terrible things, I don't know how you can ever forgive me."

Beyond that, the fuck with Sofia as a teenager crushing on her thirtysomething first cousin? Like why doesn't anyone just talk plainly about science to her? And also how gross dudes are who can't date women their own fucking age?
Uh, that said, Sofia is so fucking pretty I love seeing her in this film. I felt all warm and fuzzy every time she was on screen like there's this purity and tenderness that just emanates from her gentle soul. Even when she's trying to be all wise and flirty she just still has this angelic way about her.
But yeah that was so strange how her Dad is seen as "keeping them apart" when really he just doesn't want her having kids with birth defects? Like why would you not speak clearly with her about that, like, do you want a child who never stops drooling, or, what is your plan sweetheart? I feel like that could have been handled so much easier than giving dude power with strings attached. Like for a "smart" guy you'd think he wouldn't feel the need to concede power to get his daughter to not have a litter of inbreds?

I don't know, just the films in the 70s seem so believable, so real, and this film I just kept squinting at.

Still, I just like seeing Al and Diane and the whole mafia schtick, there are elements I enjoyed, I'm not able to slap any stars on it cuz it's just such a weird anomaly, like why not leave perfection alone, but then I can see Francis looking at Sofia and just thinking, "I want to immortalize you in the greatest trilogy ever" and that's fair.

Also, I should note that around halfway through this watch my friends Valerie and Brian came by to hang out for a few hours and Brian is a huge Godfather fan and we shot the shit about a lot of this whilst drinking the Framboise they brought by and my drinks so I wish I was more eloquent and I know this read must be a mess but it's been a long, long, long week.

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