Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once ★★★★★

Coming into Everything Everywhere All at Once knowing nothing but that it currently sits as the highest rated film of all-time on this site was honestly a little daunting. There was no way to not judge this from the opening frame. A little less than halfway through the film I found myself thinking, out of the nearly one thousand films I have watched, this certainly is one of the most imaginative and creative.....but I am not really connected to it. It's not saying anything bigger. And then the rest of the film happened and holy shit I understand the hype completely!

Without getting into spoiler territory, the only thing I can compare the near existential crisis this movie gave me to is a psychedelic trip. There is a scene near the end where there is no spoken dialogue, and the idea without context of the scene would seem so bizarre, yet I have never heard a theater full of laughing people get so quiet so quickly. There was such a heavy feeling in the room. And I legitimately began to experience what felt like ego death. Which I feel ridiculous writing as I know this has to be coming off as pretentious, but I don't know how else to describe it.

Outside of the incredible themes of life explored in this, it is also just really fun. There is a Chekhov's Gun type set up that pays off in the second half of the film that caused me to laugh harder than I ever have in my life watching a movie. My chest tightened up from laughing so hard, it was amazing.

Do I think this is the greatest film ever made? Probably not, no, but it is certainly deserving of five stars and I will be the last to complain about it's current place in the top 250.

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