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‘22 Countdown podcast Scavenger Hunt (Lite Version)


1. You DON’T have to work the list in order. Once you watch a movie that fulfills a category, add it to your list and write the name of the film next to the category that it fits (here is an example of what I mean). Please review it on Letterboxd and tag your review with PaulWayneHunt.

2. Must be first time watches (unless otherwise noted). If there are any issues let me know.
3. Keep an eye out for hyperlinks in the descriptions of the categories. I’ve tried to include links that may help find a film that fits the category.

4. Have fun, after all that’s what this is for. If you participate, send me a link…

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  • The French Dispatch


  • Scream


  • Armageddon


  • The Protégé


  • King Richard