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  • Reservoir Dogs
  • Mad Max: Fury Road
  • The Thing
  • The Usual Suspects

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  • Satan's Slaves 2: Communion


  • Old People


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  • Babylon



    Bablyon is certainly Damian Chazelle's most audacious film yet. A three and a bit hour study of the decline of the golden age of Hollywood and a number of the players who were involved in that.

    There's very little in the way of a coherent, driving plot. Instead, the film jumps around, following five characters - superstar Jack Conrad (Bradd Pitt), newcomer Nellie LaRoy (Margot Robbie), up and comer Manny Torres (Diego Calva), talented musician Sidney Porter (Jovan Adepo), and…

  • M3GAN



    The internet embraced M3gan almost as warmly as it did Snakes on a Plane before that was released, and we all know how that turned out, so you could be forgiven for writing this one off as a stupid meme which you weren't going to waste your time or money on.

    Except you'd be missing out. Because while absolutely stupid, M3gan is a genuinely fun ride with some quality effects, decent kills (given the PG-13ness of it all) and a…

Recent reviews

  • Satan's Slaves 2: Communion

    Satan's Slaves 2: Communion


    Takes a while to shift into an appropriate gear, but once it does, Joko Anwar's sequel to his pseudo-remake of the 1980 original, is filled with creepy images, effective tension-building, and a couple of tingle down your spine moments.

    Yes, it arguably has too many characters who were not fleshed out enough and the info-dump explanation at the end is very rushed given the deliberate pacing of the first half. But the creepiness factor of this film is off the…

  • Old People

    Old People


    Ineffectual social horror film which substitutes dead people for almost dead people and tries to call out society's treatment of them as being unjust. Instead, that message gets muddled amid talk of a curse and hyper-violence on behalf of the titular characters, all while the protagonists do incredibly stupid things and forget very important information, seemingly just to drag the film out to being feature length.

    Skip it.

    1.5 Ruined Wedding Days for Old People.

Popular reviews

  • Crawl



    Things I learned while watching Crawl:

    - Florida state police officers do not bother pursuing people who directly and brazenly ignore their explicit orders.
    - Basements below ground level do not flood until it is narratively necessary for them to do so.
    - Alligators are all at least 9 feet long.
    - If any alligators smaller than 9 feet long do exist, they most certainly do not venture into basements where their smaller size would enable them to crawl under…

  • Tenet




    For several months now, Tenet has been proclaimed as the film which might just save the movie theatre industry. A 200 million dollar, original property blockbuster, written and directed by one of the most reliable names in Hollywood, Christopher Nolan. The hopes were that Nolan might deliver a film that was so incredible – so quintessential – to see on the big screen that it would tempt people from their homes, with their huge televisions…