Your Name.

Your Name. ★★★★

Walked into this knowing basically nothing about it, and, were it not for the loud gaggle of 14 year old girls in the row behind me, its endless surprises would have given me one of my favourite theatre experiences.

Your Name is an animated epic teen romance body swapping time travel disaster movie, but it never feels overstuffed. Every new genre development is handled with grace and humour, and everything is held together by a deep sincerity at the film's core. The young protagonists' extravagant emotions become the base for rich melodrama that gradually becomes a meditation on what it means to be young and afraid of your future, of all the things you might become, of your parents' dreams projecting onto your own, on what it means to become an adult in the first place.

Enthralling and charming for much of its runtime, Your Name falters in its final stretch, relinquishing a climactic moment to the margins and drawing out a final meet-cute artificially, becoming repetitive and redundant when it should be absolutely cathartic. If if wasn't for its final 30 minutes, this would easily be a 5 star romance.

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