The Revenge: A Visit from Fate

The Revenge: A Visit from Fate ★★★½

Trauma as something ephemeral but haunting, something that transforms and lingers even when one can't see it. Kurosawa doesn't always rise above the limitations of his budget or pure pulpy script—much of this feels and looks rushed—but he does create a series of indelible moments that fascinate for their counterintuitive presentation. A shocking death presented as a glimpse, an inaccurate shootout shot for eternity, an acknowledgement of a decided turning point just one tiny part of a long take. Kurosawa and co move so quickly past what would normally be enormous moments (and vice versa) in lesser versions of this story that those moments actually take on more power as the audience struggles to hold onto them, struggles to make sense of the inevitable violence and bloodshed, suddenly desperate for a closer look at their horror. The audience becomes just as hungry for blood as the world presented.

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