Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★★★

Psychedelic expressiveness limited by the demands of Western CG “realism” (imagine how much cooler the hollow earth sequence would be if they had to use cell animation and puppets and miniatures to leave our reality behind to create their own), but this is about as good as an American kaiju movie I’ve seen - wacky sci-fi gobbledygook played basically straight, performers committing very hard and having lots of obvious fun (Brian Tyree Henry MVP as the most neurotic man in a Godzilla movie), great chunky creature design, and Wingard smartly alternates between human scary perspective and monster wrestle cam. The fights themselves are long and have great rhythm, there’s lots of daylight and flashy colours when not, and they actually get to do suplexes = act like dudes in suits. Kong has to put his shoulder back in his socket using a building at one point, and his relationship with the human child moved me despite myself. There’s love for the history here. RIP Yoshimitsu Banno, who would have made an amazing version of this movie but at least everyone who did make it clearly loved Godzilla vs Hedorah.

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