Aftersun ★★★★★

Such a unique perspective.

This movie really forces your point of view onto very specific things. It makes you pay attention to the reflection on the balcony windows, or the dripping clothes drying in the wind, or the cast on her dad's wrist. The details are really emphasized. But in focusing on these tiny details I was told a generational story. It had me thinking about certain moments in my childhood, specific details, that relate to who I am today.

I think a movie is great when it allows me to realize certain things about my own life. Watching this made me think a lot about my own experiences and how I was raised. I think this film did a great job at showing how flawed parents can be, but that despite those flaws a loving relationship can still exist.

It makes you realize how observant children are, especially of their parents; and, although not in the same way, kids struggle with the same problems that their parents do.

This was just a wonderfully tender and touching story. Its simplicity and subtlety make Aftersun so beautiful in such a unique way.

I really want to watch it again, then another time after that. There's so much to learn from this story.

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